climbing wall holds

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Climbing Wall Holds

Ever gone wall climbing It`s now easily accessible, with malls and buildings providing walls of different difficulty levels for you to climb. You need a good grip, strong leg muscles, toned arms, and to make it worth your effort, a variety of climbing holds.

Climbing holds are those irregularly shaped wall attachments which you use to grip and step on while climbing your way to the top. A climbing hold can be attached to the wall using concrete anchors or via a screwing mechanism. It can be made of wood, rocks, or resin. It can either be a foothold or a handhold.

Footholds are much smaller, providing enough space for just a few of your toes. They are called different names, like nubbins and nibs. Handholds, on the other hand, have a greater surface area. They thus give your hands a better grip. Handholds are further classified into several types based on their different features. These types include jugs, pockets, and slopers, to name a few.

Although handholds are generally used for hand gripping, they may also be used as footholds. Just make sure that if you are planning to build your own wall, you should get different types of climbing holds. This will add variety to your skill and provide a more extensive wall climbing experience. Next time you go camping and hiking, make sure you get the gear you need. Find affordable climbing supplies and camping gear, including outdoor tents for less.